Read Mastering Perl for free in Safari Online

It seems that the whole of Mastering Perl is available online for free through O’Reilly’s Safari service. I don’t even need to log in to see it. Sometimes Safari Online lets you see previews of books, but this is the whole thing. I’m not particularly concerned about that, but it was unexpected. If this is a fluke and doesn’t work for you (or disappears much later) let me know.

I found this when I was looking for wherever I had written about some of my shell aliases. It turns out that it was Chapter 16, which you can read completely. Or see it here right now. I wanted these because I was writing about these in an Intermediate Perl post about bit fiddling in FizzBin because I was manually typing out a binary number and converting it to decimal:

alias d2h="perl -e 'printf qq|%X\n|, int( shift )'"
alias d2o="perl -e 'printf qq|%o\n|, int( shift )'"
alias d2b="perl -e 'printf qq|%b\n|, int( shift )'"

alias h2d="perl -e 'printf qq|%d\n|, hex( shift )'"
alias h2o="perl -e 'printf qq|%o\n|, hex( shift )'"
alias h2b="perl -e 'printf qq|%b\n|, hex( shift )'"

alias o2h="perl -e 'printf qq|%X\n|, oct( shift )'"
alias o2d="perl -e 'printf qq|%d\n|, oct( shift )'"
alias o2b="perl -e 'printf qq|%b\n|, oct( shift )'"