You’re free to use these downloads any way that you like. I think they’ll be much useful if you modify them beyond recognition, but if there are a few programs that get the job done without a change, I’m not going to worry about that.

You can download all named programs in one go:

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Advanced Regular Expessions

Chapter 3: Secure Programming Techniques

Chapter 5: Profiling Perl

Chapter 6: Benchmarking Perl

Chapter 7: Cleaning Up Perl

Chapter 8: Symbol Tables And Typeglobs

Chapter 9: Dynamic Subroutines

Chapter 11: Configuring Perl Programs

Chapter 12: Detecting And Reporting Errors

Chapter 13: Logging

Chapter 14: Lightwieght Data Persistence

Chapter 15: Working with Pod

Chapter 16: Working With Bits