New in 2e

I’m updating Mastering Perl, using v5.18 as the current version of Perl, using O’Reilly’s Atlas early release publishing system. You can read the draft of Mastering Perl 2e for free, sponsored by OSCON.


  1. Introduction
  2. Advanced Regular Expressions
  3. Secure Programming Techniques
  4. Debugging Perl
  5. Profiling Perl
  6. Benchmarking Perl
  7. Cleaning Up Perl
  8. Symbol Tables and Typeglobs
  9. Dynamic Subroutines
  10. Modifying and Jury-Rigging Modules
  11. Configuring Perl Programs
  12. Detecting and Reporting Errors
  13. Logging
  14. Lightweight Data Persistence
  15. Working with Pod
  16. Working with Bits
  17. The Magic of Tied Variables
  18. Modules as Programs


  • Further Reading
  • brian’s Guide to Solving Any Perl Problems

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