New to “Cleaning Up Perl”

There’s not much that I needed to update in the chapter devoted to Perl style. The Perl::Tidy stuff is the same and I updated the Perl::Critic with a new program to analyze.

When I originally wrote this chapter, use.Perl was still going and I used my journal reading program as the violation program. Since that site is no longer active, I switched to my retweeter roulette program that I use to select winners from my twitter giveaways.

There are some errors there, but my style has evolved in the seven years since then so I had to work a little harder to get violations.

I also added a bit more on turning off policies, especially for single lines. I left it out last time as a way to discourage it through ignorance, but I’ve changed my mind about that. Using the ## no critic trick is so annoying that it’s easier to comply.

Have I left anything out that you like to do? You can read Chapter 7 through the O’Reilly Atlas pre-publication review program.