Mastering Perl Kindle screen shots

Catalin Ciurea (CATALIN on CPAN) sent in some pictures to show what Mastering Perl looks like on a Kindle, although he doesn’t specify which device it is. It’s one of the less sophisticated ones, but I’m surprised that it looks as good as it does. I knew the body text would be find, but it looks like the code comes out nicely too. Curiously, the book is measured in time, and it looks like he’s taking longer and longer to get through it as he progresses!

These pictures show the MOBI format, and by buying an O’Reilly ebook you can get any or all electronic formats. Not only that, but you get updates for free for life.

  1. This is the Kindle Paperwhite 2nd gen (current model sold on Amazon). These ebook readers are not too high tech after all.

    The time left in book (and the time left in chapter) are adjusted based on the speed of reading. If I let the Kindle down for a few mins to run one of the Perl snippets in the book on the computer, the time left increases.

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