Some interesting patterns in excellent numbers

I’ve noticed some curious patterns in excellent numbers. This relates to the Perl stuff I wrote about earlier, but this post isn’t about the Perl.

Ignoring the spaces which I use to show the pattern, each of these numbers are excellent. The pattern pivots on a 4 which can have zero or more 3s on the left side and the same number of 6s on the right side. End it all with an 8. The right half is twice the left half. I conjecture that every series of excellent numbers of a particular length has such a number. I’ll figure out the proof later: Continue reading “Some interesting patterns in excellent numbers”

Support Mastering Perl at the Swiss Perl Workshop

If you’ve enjoyed this website, you have the chance to show your support and to help the global Perl community.

The organizers of the 2014 Swiss Perl Workshop are also trying to organize the Perl community in Switzerland. As part of that, we are running a Kickstarter campaign to fund a Mastering Perl class while I’m there. Continue reading “Support Mastering Perl at the Swiss Perl Workshop”